[SoqqleXNTUSU] Youth for Future - Summit 2018

DISCLAIMER: Details of the event is being worked on right now, and is subject to change.
The key target audience are for students in Singapore (polys and universities).

FOCUS 1: Needs of the Future of Work

PWC claims 40% of jobs will be displaced in the industrial revolution. Students don’t know where to go to go deeper into interests.

FOCUS 2: The New Millennial / Gen-Z

It is not easy to capture the attention of the new market. It’s not easy to get access to existing marketing channels. Capturing the attention to not get acquire them as users, but to retain them as employees remains a challenge.

This event is the first of a series of Future of Youth Summits in Singapore, with the first being championed by NTU Student Union. The program ends in a Hackathon which offers opportunities for internship and a customized "management associate program" (details being worked on).

With a fascinating line up of speakers with the below proposed topics:

Blockchain Topics:
Option 1: Day in the life of a Crypto-Investor/Trader
Option 2: Blockchain to a 5 year old
Option 3: A decentralized 2020. Is what I study relevant?

Sustainability Topics:

Option 1: The Green Energy Market Dosen’t Work
Option 2: Tokenizing Green Power

Millennial Segment:

Option 1: Voices of the Millennial / Gen-Z Student
Option 2: The New Internship Market
Option 3: Opportunities and How to Grab Them


Option 1: Day in the Life of a Banker and why I ditched it for Fintech
Option 2: Recipe for the Future Economy
Option 3: Millennials/Gen-Z and Fintech in 2020

Internet of Things:

Option 1 – “I don’t study Internet of Things – how to start?”
Option 2 – What nobody tells you about Internet of Things

Artificial Intelligence:

Option 1 – Day in the Life of a Quantitative Researcher
Option 2 – “I don’t know AI, people tell me I will not have a job. What should I do?”
Option 3 – Machine Learning 101 starting with Linear Regression


Option 1 – Trends of Marketing (AR/VR, Voice and More!) in 2018
Option 2 - The future of Marketing is ‘Marketing As A Service’
Option 3 - Digital Marketing in 2020. How do I survive


Option 1 –Life in the day of an Accelerator. Accelerator vs PE vs VC?
Option 2 - Questions Founders should ask every Accelerator
Option 2 – What is Human Equity and Why is it Important?

Are you interested to help? We are looking for:

Sponsors - The event is a superb fit for companies interested in raising awareness and reaching out to the Millennial / Gen-Z student market through an existing marketing channel. Also, this event spirals into a Hackathon in May to give potential hiring opportunity for top talent.

Media Partners - If you think this is interesting pls email.

Interested parties pls email talk@soqqle.com
Thu Mar 22, 2018
1:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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50 Nanyang Ave Singapore